The Dirt in Life

When one of my friend asked me what do i mean by, when telling ” the dirt reminds me of people’s problems” it got thinking! We have all seen dirt around us.Be it the ones lying on our roads, in front of a shop, by a park, everywhere. Sometimes we see it everyday and yet we either ignore it or pretend it’s not there. So if dirt equals the problems we face in our life then we intuitively tend to deal with it the same way we would have dealt with the real dirt in life.

So that makes three category of people who would approach problems in the same way they would approach dirt.( not necessarily)  We are all unique remember!! Coming to the categories-

  •  Ignore – We acknowledge the problems we face and we ignore it. Either it comes due to an attitude of pretending not to care or we really don’t care. Or we tend to think that it’s too much of a burden to even acknowledge the problem. In short we ignore our problems.
  •   Ignorant – We lack the awareness of the problem.  We don’t recognize some aspect of our life or our relationship is turning into a potential problem. Basically we are ignorant of the problem or the potential threat that would turn into one.
  • Postpone- Most of would fall into this. We acknowledge our problems, we know we have to correct it and yet we postpone taking action. The fact that we know that a problem or problems is bothering us and draining our positive energy is proof enough that we can try and get rid of it. Either we tell ourselves the time isn’t right(it never really is.) or we tell ourselves that this can be done later no harm in doing it so. Or in the worst of case we expect other people to come and clean it.

I know it really isn’t possible to go on cleaning the dirt we see everywhere but we can at least try to with the one’s around us, physically around us. Or at the least clean the problems in life. This analogy remainds me of a movie i had seen “The Golden Compass” where dust from the universe affects man. It might be only fiction there but yes, dust does affect us in numerous ways. So does the dirt and problems in life. But the most important thing would be to solve it and move on. Remember we are always bigger than our problems and at any point in life we can deal with them if we choose to.  If you are caught in one and decide strongly to solve it, you are already in the halfway of completely solving it. But remember never to lose hope. I leave you all with a favorite quote of mine.

” If you break your neck,if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire, then you have got a problem. Rest all is inconvenience.”  – Robert Fulghum