Lovely Life

Copyright – Björn Rudberg

Copyright – Björn Rudberg


“Mr.Blake have you made up your mind?” asked Arjun the local real estate consultant.

“Well , i need sometime.” answered Mr.Blake in a  manner that demanded silence and of course time.

She watched him fight his emotions , the need to see greater than the need to rest. He would turn towards her any moment now.

“Honey…” he turned towards her. His gaze pleaded for a direction , searching her peace to find his own.

” I Know you have worked hard Robert , i know you have saved money. I know it’s your dream to travel and see this world…But , look at this farm , look at the cottage, we could have a lovely life here.”

He still searched her.

She smiled. He just needed the right words.

“Well what good is beauty when you can’t enjoy it in one place.”




The nature

Is all for your self

To venture out

With your inner self


All I do is just to stare

To have the beauty in my heart bare

Who ever told staring was hopeless

Against beauty matchless


The glorious sun did shine

It’s penetrating gaze all mine

And the silent moon did speak

With me and the peak


The peak like a stone

Stood all alone

Ripped up, by us all

In its own solitary hall


As I march to join it

I know my life’s lit

To find a peace so profound

Its every meaning escapes sound


Solitude at night

Shines so bright

It takes me to a distant land

To give me a friend’s hand.


The fair breeze blew

My boundless joy flew

I cried out in sheer delight

As I took the timeless flight


I landed by the stream

To see white slivery cream

Joy flowed there like a treasure

Its meaning never measured


There I met a maiden fair

Beauty flowed in her every hair

In her eyes, I saw an enigmatic pool.

Where even fire burnt cool


Each day our friendship grew

Alas! Its meaning understood to few

Her every sight moved me

Nevertheless I thank thee


The maiden was my heart, my very own

Bound with joy in my gown

Your hearts your greatest gift

In joy and sorrow you together drift


Solitude benevolently did shower

Joys of immortal flower

This large entire creation

Is beauty’s perfect manifestation