Is public outrage enough?

The biggest nightmare for a 6-year girl should be her friend stealing her favourite candy or her father not buying her an ice-cream but unfortunately we live in a time where the biggest nightmare for the child is being rapped.

The recent incident in Bangalore highlights the age we live in. Can’t we send our sisters, our children to a kindergarten school without fearing for its safety?

The public outrage that followed the incident was more than justified. It was anger and rightly so. From the marches in freedom park to the strikes on the roads, people came out to show they were hurt and angry. But what were the after-effects of that? So far some arrests and an ongoing investigation. Will the arrest change people’s perception of justice? Will including Sexual offense in Goonda Act stop people for molesting??

Is violence the only method to stop this menace?

The question remains a mystery but the answers may lie in how we change the way we look at women and also how the media portrays them.

Yes , i am angry and may be holding on to our anger till justice is served may be the only way.