A Life

Where hath thou vanished?

Drifting among the waves of callousness

Hiding behind the darkness of fear

Will you help us find your twin brother?


Oh Guilt! Eating mankind everyday

Plotting on the pyre of consciousness

Burning it bare , naked

Till the very last flame vanishes.


And then flooding the heart,

With cascades of memories

Bringing tears , every drop

More intense than the last.


Dark storm rising , rippling guilt

Tearing away shards of mistakes into one

Saving the consciousness

In a dire act of faith.


Oh! Mistake , why does thee torment?

Hiding crookedly in thoughts

Luring for a certain time

And then strike with your brother Guilt


You both have done enough damage

Wiping entire Kingdoms,

Threatening an entire civilization

Destroying love even in the time of cholera.


Light amidst the dark of darkness

Hope! Thee land among , light as a feather

Giving a strange feeling , 

A fleeting grace.


Lightning! Flood! Rampage!

All things being born new

The world looks different with love.

The Nature , Our mother , teaching us to love.


And then we learn to love

Mistakes doesn’t matter ,

Only the need to be felt alive , to love

Sweeping our very instincts.


Choose now! Mistake,guilt or love,hope?

The choice , the deepest desires not denied

Love? Love in mistakes done or mistakes in choosing love?

Hope? Hope in guilt being gone or guilt in hope staying?


Our life , orchestrated by Nature

A path , a faith renewed.

The ability to love , The rightness

Eclipsed every mistake made along the way.






Here i come!


Copyright – Doug MacIlroy

Copyright – Doug MacIlroy

“Gautham , stop that! It’s scaring her!”

“Here i come , the scary Mask Master to kidnap you ”

“Daddy Daddy i am scared ”

“Here i come , here i come”


She got up suddenly , my daughter. There was no terror in her eyes , only curiosity.


“Daddy isn’t it April 17th?”

“Yes honey! ”

“Why haven’t you gone to work?”

“Because today it’s a holiday , we have to vote!”


She smiled. Her big smile coming from her small face always left a pride in me.

“Go lazy Daddy , go vote for a better ( she pronounced it bitter 😛 ) India!” she nudged me and ran past.

I miss Innocence.




The sudden life

copyright-Kent Bonham

copyright-Kent Bonham


“It was meant to be.”


2 hours earlier 

“Darsh go fix the lights , i have an important ad to shoot tomorrow.”

“But sir , he won’t let me.”

“Who won’t?”

“Forgive me sir , i shall fix it.”


1 hour earlier

“Why the hell is it not fixed yet?”

“Because he is not letting me do it, sir”

“Nonsense, do it now or ..”

“The lights , look at it , he is there”

“OMG!! What in the seven worlds was that?”

“That sir , is he. The sudden life.”


2 days later

” I have lost my job , Darsh. What was the sudden life ?”

“Electricity sir.”



To Unite



Copyright-John Nixon

Copyright-John Nixon

It was the oldest tree that spoke first.

“We have to unite them.”

It took a while for the others to understand and when they did they all agreed.

The youngest was angry ” Life isn’t fair for us , we have to be in only one place all the time , look at that girl she has fought with that man now and they have separated , he may come back and when he does things are gonna be alright. Atleast they get a change”

“My dear” replied the oldest one ” We don’t move , so we fight rarely and when we do , we see each other every moment , so we forgive faster”

“So how do we unite them?”

“We don’t , time will.” smiled he.






Found You!

Memories stir,

Creating colors of naked joy

On the canvas of my mind.


Precious moments dazzle 

Bright like the sun,

Your eyes in mine.


You , a lost soul 

Looking after mine

So tenderly.


Darkness descends,

Years of waiting

Lost in hope


Memories revisited

Moments relived

The hope always hungry.


And suddenly ,


My best friend ,


Deep in the recess ,

With my soul

United after soooo long.


I couldn’t resist writing 66 words in 2 short poems of 33 each. I stared at the challenge and i knew suddenly that i had to break the rule , 33 were way too less!! I have found my long lost friend , my best friend , my first friend. I had to make an exception and here it is!

Manasa , this one is for you.


The Way

 copyright – Adam Ickes

copyright – Adam Ickes


“Tell me Gaurav , what do you see?”

“Nothing , just a darkness…..”

“Close your eyes , try concentrating it harder.”

“Yes..it’s there , greenery on the sides as if the entire stretch is an infinity a place where there is so much happiness but yet so little.”

“Do you see where you are?”

“Ya i am on the way standing on a wooden plank. It’s a long unending path , i stand there and stare at the way , i am not able to move.”

“Where does it lead to?”

“There’s a house far away , am able to see it but not able to reach it , my legs are numb , i want to run but i can’t….”

“Gaurav ?”

“I have reached it. I am the way , the path to my own soul.”

A Heavy heart

Darkness pops up in the bizarre of times , unexpected.

A heavy heart dwindles upon the news , shattered.

Memories flash , lessons learnt , friendship forged.

Poised assurance looms , abandoned.

Come back , magnified.


Love ,

Nitin Nadig