Peace and change

Sometimes a bold step is a much needed step.

Life isn’t as easy as it seems.  You expect and then you get hurt. You love and then you get hurt again. Basically for some people it’s just pain. Life’s designed to test you at every turn; you need to make sure you keep your emotions in check and your dreams at hold.

There came a storm in my life that left me lonely and made me question the very reason of existence.  There was no particular reason for the time and hence no reasonable solution.  It was as if darkness had just swept in my soul and no matter what I did the darkness just grew darker and stronger.

After a month of dilemma and silence I knew I had to do something. I would just see the bad in people. I would just find fault in every action, I would just find irritation in every word of concern, I wasn’t myself. This is when I knew I had to stop it.

I just didn’t know how.

One fine sunny day I was returning from having breakfast when I felt a calling. For a moment I could swear it was the mountain speaking.  I left the course I was taking and just went to the top of the mountain. The wind hit my face hard and at the same time I could feel it soothing my heart. For the first time in a long time I was at peace.


How it eludes us.


How it plays with our hearts.

The next day I did the same thing. The next day I did the same thing too.

It was after a while I wrote my first poem and it went like this.

The nature

Is all for your self

To venture out

With your inner self


All I do is just to stare

To have the beauty in my heart bare

Whoever told staring was hopeless

Against beauty matchless


The glorious sun did shine

It’s penetrating gaze all mine

And the silent moon did speak

With me and the peak


The peak like a stone

Stood all alone

Ripped up, by us all

In its own solitary hall


As I march to join it

I know my life’s lit

To find a peace so profound

Its every meaning escapes sound


Solitude at night

Shines so bright

It takes me to a distant land

To give me a friend’s hand.


The fair breeze blew

My boundless joy flew

I cried out in sheer delight

As I took the timeless flight


I landed by the stream

To see white silvery cream

Joy flowed there like a treasure

Its meaning never measured


There I met a maiden fair

Beauty flowed in her every hair

In her eyes, I saw an enigmatic pool.

Where fire burnt cool


Each day our friendship grew

Alas! Its meaning understood to few

Her every sight moved me

Nevertheless I thank thee


The maiden was my heart, my very own

Bound with joy in my gown

Your hearts your greatest gift

In joy and sorrow you together drift


Solitude benevolently did shower

Joys of immortal flower

This large entire creation

Is beauty’s perfect manifestation.


And this is how nature healed me. Maybe if you are struggling with something, maybe if things aren’t right its time you connect to nature, its time you connect with yourself.


Start a new life today! Thank you for this opportunity.  #StartANewLife








Flying into


copyright – DLovering

copyright – DLovering

He gazes at the different hues of ribbon covering the sky , it is a pattern he is not familiar with. The unfamiliar always dangerous.

He breathes several times and makes up his mind, he will once again soar the skies.

That is when the light hits his eyes. A brief second of absolute joy. He observes the sky and finds the path , the pattern now looks familiar.

The small hole that would let his soul soar , he rises up flying into the sky , flying into  freedom.




First Fifty

He looked at her while she slept.
His Princess lying close to him in so much pain.
He wiped a tear and looked at her closely. The smile was still there , the love still transparent.
Only , only if he could always be there for her.
And then he woke up.


Written For :

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty

The Best Invention no one has invented yet

“There  are no great inventions , just inspirations waiting to happen”. If i discover the best invention that no one has invented yet , i would be joining the league of Inventors and better still i will be a legend there. So invent!!, but wait! where is my inspiration?

Lost in our bizarre world of today , we seek to lose our imagination and our inspiration. And probably that is why there hasn’t been a best invention yet. And  since the honour is upon me now , i call upon a ancient thought that puzzled me , a thought hidden behind the palace of my mind , a lost inspiration.

The inspiration to understand the human nature , to understand oneself.

The question of who we are? why we are born ? what is the purpose of our life ? and numerous other questions that has confounded the common man and philosophers alike would be solved as easily and as soothing a feeling as there is , all by my invention.

But wait? How should i invent? How should i turn my lost inspiration to the invention that i propose it to be? Will i succeed where great men have spent years searching for the answer? Men the likes of Aristotle , Pluto , Karl MArx , Jesus , Buddha and the many more who have faded with time and memory.

I am not sure.

And thus i find another reason that stops an invention. Doubt. Self-doubt. My Doubt. And i stand here wondering if i can do it! I may or may not but i know i shall try and in trying i shall earn the satisfaction that has eluded so many others. And in trying i learn something very precious , hope.

My hope. And in trying it , in hoping that i can do it , i may find my  inspiration again.

And if my hope wins and i succeed and turn out to be the best Inventor , what should i do? Probably , publish? On my blog? or sell it to someone as we so often hear in the news , for billions? Will Google or Facebook buy it for a billion dollar and convert it to a software or an app? No matter how big the profit , i can’t do it. Because the journey to enlightenment is our own. Buddha thought that. The satisfaction is always personal.

And i am struck here , trying to invent something but all the while discovering myself!!. And that is the true invention for me. The cycle of inspiration , imagination , doubt , hope and satisfaction.

No there can’t be  a best invention because whatever you invent now is the best with respect to the time when you have invented it! And the tide of time always changes. Sometimes exponentially!

So the best invention if there is gonna be one, is always personal.
A moment lived .
A feeling cherished
A thought fulfilled.

And if we can do that , if we can understand ourselves ,we are the best inventors.

Enlightenment dawns!! but no, I am not the next Buddha.




This is a post that i had written recently for a Blogathon contest.

The Way

 copyright – Adam Ickes

copyright – Adam Ickes


“Tell me Gaurav , what do you see?”

“Nothing , just a darkness…..”

“Close your eyes , try concentrating it harder.”

“’s there , greenery on the sides as if the entire stretch is an infinity a place where there is so much happiness but yet so little.”

“Do you see where you are?”

“Ya i am on the way standing on a wooden plank. It’s a long unending path , i stand there and stare at the way , i am not able to move.”

“Where does it lead to?”

“There’s a house far away , am able to see it but not able to reach it , my legs are numb , i want to run but i can’t….”

“Gaurav ?”

“I have reached it. I am the way , the path to my own soul.”

Moon Light




” Look at him , isn’t he lovely?”

“Yes, son. He is”

“I wonder why he stays so lonely.”

“That’s because there isn’t anyone who truly understands what he does , maybe huh?”

“Dad he just gives us light.”

“Light ,maybe. Hope? Definitely.”

“Hope of what?” 

“Of a new phase in life , that we aren’t completed every time. There’s gonna be mistakes , difficulties , betrayals. But then once in a while we are full , we are who we are , that’s hope.”

“That’s a very different perspective dad.”

“Yes , but then guess why he is really so lovely and makes us what him.”

“No idea.”

“That son is a mystery to mankind. But i feel the closest answer is that he watches our loved ones while we sleep. That way we know they are safe. I always knew he was watching your mom even before i met her.”