How i left the Kitten?

I had to leave it.

One love i didn’t know i had. Looking back i feel i have done the right choice. Or maybe a wrong one?

The moment i stepped into his house and asked the uncle there, “Can i take him home?”

He didn’t like it, he didn’t want it but all the while he agreed. “You can have him” he said with a sadness that i couldn’t sense then.

I opened the door and saw him resting on his mothers lap unaware of my next plan. I took him away in his sleep and half way back home he woke up. He was afraid. He had never left his home or his mother and here he was, being taken. He struggled, he kicked me. I never gave up. Nor did he.

It was the moment where i put him at a height i thought he couldn’t jump. I think he surprised even himself when he did that and he ran. Helter Skelter. I chased him and saw him running into a hole. He never came out. I had to break it or else i would have let the poor guy die.

After an hour i caught him. Man , he did fight, he did give me a chase.




Just when everyone where happy and thought we could take him, i looked at the poor Kitten and thought – Will i give u a better home?

I think the question was always  “better” not “new”   because all the while i had been asking myself the question – Will i give u a new home?

New might certainly never be better.

I went back and left him with his mother.

I saw a happy mother. The uncle was happy too. Maybe i was too.

But that is how i left the kitten with a heavy heart.




“Take me to the tower , take me! ” Bryan cried in his sleep.eiffel-tower-dmm

Sila tried to console the small child. “Let it go , baby” she whispered. “I will take you there tomorrow”.

” Mama i wanna go there now ” he cried.

“But it’s in the middle of the night “.

“I know but the website said Santa’s gonna be there by now.”

“What website baby?”

“The one i saw in dad’s tablet mom , it tracks Santa and it told Santa’s gonna be there in the tower now. He stops for ten minutes there.”


“Yes , mommy”

“He’s gonna come home then, now sleep. There’s gonna be a gift tomorrow.”

“But mommy , if he comes here he’s gonna give only one gift and that too which he wants but if i meet him there he will have his whole bag  and i can ask whatever i want. Get up mom!!”.

Ah!! “Children nowadays”  she thought.