Red Wine

Copyright – Janet Webb

Copyright – Janet Webb


“Who would have done it, Detective ? “

“Well Yes , that’s the question isn’t but i am more worried about the how part”.

“Apparently they were here for dinner, i guess she cooked some salads and they drank.”

“What’s that around the corner?”

“Red wine.”

” Queer, how the fruits are inside it.”

“Well i must confess that isn’t a new fashion around here , but then maybe it’s new.” smirked Inspector Direnton.

Detective Sherlton froze on the ground. For a second it appeared as if he had seen the whole scene in front of him.

“This man was murdered, Inspector.”

“How on earth was it done?”

“He was poisoned by the very Pineapple floating so innocently in the wine.”

Case solved.


Gone ??

Tatters of an old emotion remains ,

Brings forth a disturbed dullness.

Cascades of memories flows ,

Leaving behind a moist tranquility.

A distant beat echoes from a far away place ,

Unending , jolting , excruciating ME.


My response to Trifextra : Week 102. I sat at the blank screen , blank for a lot of time until i re-read the challenge a lot many times than i dare count. A surprisingly calm emotion swept past me , i knew how i would describe LOVE GONE WRONG. I knew how it felt , but to put it in words without the words that actually mattered and so necessary i was in fix. Those six words exactly described everything and all i had to do was to describe it.

The Challenge :

This week we’re asking for exactly 33 of your own words about love gone wrong.  But we’re asking that you not use any of the following words:



And so my response, describing the words exactly in the order given. I so love Trifecta! 😛


 You , a reality in a vivid dream.

My dream.

You , a light in my darkness.

My light.

You , a honest blaze in my life.

My life.

You , trueness in an entirety.

 My entirety. 

You , colourfull in every way.

My colour.

You , a happiness in search.

My happiness.

You , a pain borne.

My pain.

You , love in it’s purest.

My love.

You , an angel.

My angel. 


I try to look past the vagaries in life.

Breathing past the difficulties gives me a semblance of hope and a feeling of being renewed.

Yet i forget to stop , to introspect until life bring it’s difficulties.

The silver linings of my hope shattered , i strive to rise up , brightened.

But the wake up call isn’t so bitter as its counterpart ,the moments of anguish, confusion and pain.



Going through a tough phase i didn’t know what to make of this. I knew i had get some positive energy to get up and face things again and so here i am speaking to myself ( do forgive me 😛 )

Lillie McFerrin Writes

The Shatter

The Shatter reverberated around the entire hall.

My safety compromised i looked at her, eyes moist.

“What happened to you? , You have changed” she shouted.

If only she knew how much she had hurt me.

I looked down , at the thousand pieces of broken emotions.


Written for Daily Prompt : Safety First and Five Sentence Fiction

Lillie McFerrin Writes