“Take me to the tower , take me! ” Bryan cried in his sleep.eiffel-tower-dmm

Sila tried to console the small child. “Let it go , baby” she whispered. “I will take you there tomorrow”.

” Mama i wanna go there now ” he cried.

“But it’s in the middle of the night “.

“I know but the website said Santa’s gonna be there by now.”

“What website baby?”

“The one i saw in dad’s tablet mom , it tracks Santa and it told Santa’s gonna be there in the tower now. He stops for ten minutes there.”


“Yes , mommy”

“He’s gonna come home then, now sleep. There’s gonna be a gift tomorrow.”

“But mommy , if he comes here he’s gonna give only one gift and that too which he wants but if i meet him there he will have his whole bag  and i can ask whatever i want. Get up mom!!”.

Ah!! “Children nowadays”  she thought.

The Shatter

The Shatter reverberated around the entire hall.

My safety compromised i looked at her, eyes moist.

“What happened to you? , You have changed” she shouted.

If only she knew how much she had hurt me.

I looked down , at the thousand pieces of broken emotions.


Written for Daily Prompt : Safety First and Five Sentence Fiction

Lillie McFerrin Writes