The idea box

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright Ted Strutz

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright Ted Strutz


“Honey, is it on?”

“What?” she shouted from across our room.

“The box i brought home last night.” I shouted back, my thoughts scrupulously wandering across every bizarre universe you can think of. Oh! universe? Wierd.

I could almost hear a faint sound of metal striking mind.

“I think the fuse’s burnt” she said with an air of expertise.

“Was this important?” she asked almost waiting to devour my answer.

“Yes, it was a gift.” i replied almost sadly.


“The aliens that visited our house last night. They said it was some kind of an idea box that was gifted to them by aliens that visited their house.”

“Ohh , i think we should pass it on too” she suggested.

“Brilliant idea!”



The Hidden Holes


PHOTO PROMPT Copyright -Mary Shipman

Copyright -Mary Shipman

It was only years later we discovered the holes.

It was neatly hidden behind a layer in the wall. The furniture guys were the first ones to tell us.

We didn’t know what to make of it? Why was it there? Surely it wasn’t meant for a Genie.

After weeks of speculation we gave up. Not i. I never gave up. The visit to the local library only increased.

I wanted to know.


It was the last day. They could cover it.

And i had to deal with an unknown mystery till the end of my life.


Two days later i was convinced why it was there.

To mislead the quest of something important.

I began my exploration.

The Waste

You can find the details of the challenge here.



When the Bali Family wanted to shift their small house they called upon a cheap lorry to transport their items.

After a long day and about 7 trips it was done.

Silvander Singh , the lorry driver was a proud and a good man.

When the Bali Family told him that he could carry the old and the waste items with him , he was a happy man.

After all the scrap dealer was his friend.


Ten days later


Searching the Bali Family turned out to be a difficult task , they had just disappeared.

Silvander had waited for too long.

Waste had turned his luck.

He went to find a Goldsmith.


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The Homage




He rested there, a lone soul in waiting.

There wasn’t a single person in town who didn’t like him.

And so when he died the entire town flocked to attend the prayers. They remembered him as a man with a character of steel, who never refused to help, listened to problems, gave advices and more importantly as a man who lived and died by his own ideals.

 The Legend goes that after everyone left even the trees honoured him.




The Family

Copyright – Dawn M. Miller

Copyright – Dawn M. Miller

He was casually walking on the street when they caught his eye.

Row of Lamps stacked on the table. He stood for a while , they moved some intricate part of him he hadn’t known.

It was as if some of them had souls and brightness that far reached into his own.

He entered the shop enquiring.

“Oh! that sir , i was just removing old trash when i found them. You see they were my father’s. I cleaned them up so that i would try to sell them.”

“I will buy them all” he said.

A day later they arrived.

He stood on the stairs looking at them for a long time.

Tears rolled on his cheeks as he remembered his father who had left him.

“Welcome back to the family” he whispered.

The Search

Hi Trifectans!! I so love photo challenges , here’s mine!

She glided past the window.

A lone woman in search of happiness.

A ghost , a gift of nature.


She merged in her book.

A woman on an eloquent quest.

An angel ,  nature’s gift.




“Take me to the tower , take me! ” Bryan cried in his sleep.eiffel-tower-dmm

Sila tried to console the small child. “Let it go , baby” she whispered. “I will take you there tomorrow”.

” Mama i wanna go there now ” he cried.

“But it’s in the middle of the night “.

“I know but the website said Santa’s gonna be there by now.”

“What website baby?”

“The one i saw in dad’s tablet mom , it tracks Santa and it told Santa’s gonna be there in the tower now. He stops for ten minutes there.”


“Yes , mommy”

“He’s gonna come home then, now sleep. There’s gonna be a gift tomorrow.”

“But mommy , if he comes here he’s gonna give only one gift and that too which he wants but if i meet him there he will have his whole bag  and i can ask whatever i want. Get up mom!!”.

Ah!! “Children nowadays”  she thought.