The idea box

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright Ted Strutz

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright Ted Strutz


“Honey, is it on?”

“What?” she shouted from across our room.

“The box i brought home last night.” I shouted back, my thoughts scrupulously wandering across every bizarre universe you can think of. Oh! universe? Wierd.

I could almost hear a faint sound of metal striking mind.

“I think the fuse’s burnt” she said with an air of expertise.

“Was this important?” she asked almost waiting to devour my answer.

“Yes, it was a gift.” i replied almost sadly.


“The aliens that visited our house last night. They said it was some kind of an idea box that was gifted to them by aliens that visited their house.”

“Ohh , i think we should pass it on too” she suggested.

“Brilliant idea!”




The sudden life

copyright-Kent Bonham

copyright-Kent Bonham


“It was meant to be.”


2 hours earlierĀ 

“Darsh go fix the lights , i have an important ad to shoot tomorrow.”

“But sir , he won’t let me.”

“Who won’t?”

“Forgive me sir , i shall fix it.”


1 hour earlier

“Why the hell is it not fixed yet?”

“Because he is not letting me do it, sir”

“Nonsense, do it now or ..”

“The lights , look at it , he is there”

“OMG!! What in the seven worlds was that?”

“That sir , is he. The sudden life.”


2 days later

” I have lost my job , Darsh. What was the sudden life ?”

“Electricity sir.”