A Life

Where hath thou vanished?

Drifting among the waves of callousness

Hiding behind the darkness of fear

Will you help us find your twin brother?


Oh Guilt! Eating mankind everyday

Plotting on the pyre of consciousness

Burning it bare , naked

Till the very last flame vanishes.


And then flooding the heart,

With cascades of memories

Bringing tears , every drop

More intense than the last.


Dark storm rising , rippling guilt

Tearing away shards of mistakes into one

Saving the consciousness

In a dire act of faith.


Oh! Mistake , why does thee torment?

Hiding crookedly in thoughts

Luring for a certain time

And then strike with your brother Guilt


You both have done enough damage

Wiping entire Kingdoms,

Threatening an entire civilization

Destroying love even in the time of cholera.


Light amidst the dark of darkness

Hope! Thee land among , light as a feather

Giving a strange feeling , 

A fleeting grace.


Lightning! Flood! Rampage!

All things being born new

The world looks different with love.

The Nature , Our mother , teaching us to love.


And then we learn to love

Mistakes doesn’t matter ,

Only the need to be felt alive , to love

Sweeping our very instincts.


Choose now! Mistake,guilt or love,hope?

The choice , the deepest desires not denied

Love? Love in mistakes done or mistakes in choosing love?

Hope? Hope in guilt being gone or guilt in hope staying?


Our life , orchestrated by Nature

A path , a faith renewed.

The ability to love , The rightness

Eclipsed every mistake made along the way.







Thrown aside to lead a difficult life

I look back at the difficulties as opportunities

To learn and to grow

Being alone is the only way.


But facing things alone?

Well that’s a choice!

So when you doubt

Worry not for your are not alone.


When things go messy

And life gets crazy

When your goal seems nearer and yet afar

When everyone you know tells you to let go


But you remain steady

And a voice in you tells you

” You can do it! You are there”

You then have to persist, persist till you find your way.



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Daily Prompt: Sink or Swim

The Tree : Friday Fictioneers

Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going a few words over the count.) You can find the details of it here.

Friday Fictioneers

Copyright -Randy Mazie

It was a long day for it. Standing for the entire day isn’t an easy task and it never gets more easier when you have to stand for your entire life.

He had been watching all the people walking by , staring at something behind him. They would come with a mischievous smile, see something behind him and walk off. Of course some paused to admire the flower touching him. He had watched it transform from small buds to beautiful pink flowers. He enjoyed their smell too.

It was several days later he decided to see what was behind him.

Determination was a part him.

Of course the strong wind helped him that day.

It was only for a fraction of second that he could turn without hurting his old neck.

What he saw or what he think he saw made him angry. Nothing in the world would justify for the insult.

No Treepassing”  hurt him for the rest of his days.

He never looked back.