Foggy Murder



PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Erin Leary

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Erin Leary

“Detective Soliastre, welcome”

“Inspector Waswald , where is the body?”

“I take you haven’t visited the Valley of Grimarte before?”

“Does it matter?”

“No…there, we discovered her a little past 8”

“And this property belongs to?”

“A retired soldier living back in the States”

“How tall is he?”

“About 5ft”

“This murder occurred early this morning around 5.30am”

“We think so too”

“Get the soldier in for questioning. He either killed this woman or was a witness to the murder”

“But how do you know that sir?”

“Who else jogs early in the morning on a foggy day?”





Red Wine

Copyright – Janet Webb

Copyright – Janet Webb


“Who would have done it, Detective ? “

“Well Yes , that’s the question isn’t but i am more worried about the how part”.

“Apparently they were here for dinner, i guess she cooked some salads and they drank.”

“What’s that around the corner?”

“Red wine.”

” Queer, how the fruits are inside it.”

“Well i must confess that isn’t a new fashion around here , but then maybe it’s new.” smirked Inspector Direnton.

Detective Sherlton froze on the ground. For a second it appeared as if he had seen the whole scene in front of him.

“This man was murdered, Inspector.”

“How on earth was it done?”

“He was poisoned by the very Pineapple floating so innocently in the wine.”

Case solved.