Every one of us is different. We see the world in our own way and that is the sole reason that makes us unique. When the question of happiness arises each perceives the idea of happiness in a different way.

For me happiness is found in those small moments when i help someone.  It feels like i am born for a higher purpose than to simply exist. The mundane aspects of life traps our soul and we continue to believe we are here just for ourselves. But the truth is far from real.

Happiness for me is listening to my love, to see her smile again, to make her laugh for the silliest of jokes, to care for her in every small way possible, to be just there.

Happiness for me is being able to listen to a friend,  to be able to understand what’s happening to them and try to help them in even the smallest of way possible.

Happiness for me is being a good and a faithful person to everyone i meet.

Happiness is reading good books, fabulous novels , awesome blog posts.

Happiness is reading a heart-touching poem and quotes of small wisdom.

Happiness is following your favorite TV show and waiting in anxiousness to know what happened to your favorite character in the next episode and in the episode after that.

Happiness is watching movies for which you have waited for years and still wait anxiously for the next sequel.

Happiness is re-watching an old movie and smiling at the next dialogue or the next scene that you know happens but can’t change in any way.

Happiness is fighting for small things and getting back to the person again to apologize and tell them how much they mean to you than your own ego.

Happiness is creativity. In being able to do anything creative. Be it reading, writing, studying, listening and drawing.

Happiness is drawing sketches in the back of your book, drawing designs in the back of your friends book.

Happiness is in watching photographs and marvelling at the moment it was taken and the editing , patience and skill that has gone behind in making it what it is.

Happiness is being able to recognize sadness and the reason behind it and moving past them by trying to bring a smile in someone’s face.

As i think about all these it is a feeling of nostalgic and satisfaction to know that there are so many things that makes me happy and many things that doesn’t make me happy but makes someone else happy.

Also happiness for me is in writing. As i write this blog post , i know i am happy.

Happy to write and happy to share my happiness.

This post is inspired by Coca-Cola and their celebration of International day of happiness.

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