The subtleties of love

Where does love begin? Where does it end?

For most of us it isnt the beginning nor the end that matters but only the journey. And then the question aries , why?

Maybe because it was the moments we had, memories we made or the fights that we lost. But the fact remains , love is subtle.

Love isn’t lost, love isn’t forgotten but love ends.

Love ends when it is corrupted. And it corrupts when either person become possessive. Any relationship requires patience, faith and understanding.



I think the grandeur of love lies in it’s ability to wish the other person happiness when we are in pain. That we try to give them strength when there isn’t anything left in us. That we understand their pain when even our pain escapes us. That we love them for what they are and not what we want them to be.

I feel only then we will understand what true love is.

And when we do the subtleties matters.


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