PHOTO PROMPT Copyright -Jennifer Pendergast

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright -Jennifer Pendergast


It isn’t a common sight when your enemy is invited to your Castle. More so when he has slain your brother.

My old man wanted peace and i didn’t blame him for that , it was an endless war and it was pointless to continue it ,now that half the kingdom’s gone.

I didn’t have the nerve to meet him so i stood far away watching King Verneite admiring our entrance.

I do not blame him , after all it was war.




I wanted to feel all these but i just couldn’t.

After all he had killed my Twin.

And i was busy planning to assassinate every single one of them.





17 thoughts on “Castle

  1. Wow! That was GOOD, Nadig. I could sense the “business as usual” attitude there in the character. I wonder how that meeting went.
    Nice work this week.

  2. Dear Nadig,

    This doesn’t bode well.

    A couple of things. First, the term “my old man” sounds very American and out of character for this piece. Next; “I as planning” is passive and weakens the thought. Perhaps “I planned to assassinate…” Saves a word or two and strengthens the intent.

    Of course my suggestions are just that. They don’t take away from your good story.



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