The Waste

You can find the details of the challenge here.



When the Bali Family wanted to shift their small house they called upon a cheap lorry to transport their items.

After a long day and about 7 trips it was done.

Silvander Singh , the lorry driver was a proud and a good man.

When the Bali Family told him that he could carry the old and the waste items with him , he was a happy man.

After all the scrap dealer was his friend.


Ten days later


Searching the Bali Family turned out to be a difficult task , they had just disappeared.

Silvander had waited for too long.

Waste had turned his luck.

He went to find a Goldsmith.


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4 thoughts on “The Waste

  1. aloha Nadig. i like that you include so much in this story that is left up to the reader to figure out. i like that kind of story and thinking with written words. way fun. aloha.

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