PHOTO PROMPT Copyright -Jennifer Pendergast

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright -Jennifer Pendergast


It isn’t a common sight when your enemy is invited to your Castle. More so when he has slain your brother.

My old man wanted peace and i didn’t blame him for that , it was an endless war and it was pointless to continue it ,now that half the kingdom’s gone.

I didn’t have the nerve to meet him so i stood far away watching King Verneite admiring our entrance.

I do not blame him , after all it was war.




I wanted to feel all these but i just couldn’t.

After all he had killed my Twin.

And i was busy planning to assassinate every single one of them.




Weather Vane



“Commander Pilette ,  we are near”

“Folks , the day has come for freedom. Today we break free from the clutches of our Mad Queen and fly to a new land”

“Lieutenant Dfare , gather all our fellow friends and send word to the Grey Pigeons that we are on our way”

“Yes sir ”

“And Dfare , which direction was the Weather Vane pointing to when we flew past it ?”

“South Sir.”

“SHIT!! This is going to be awkward, i am gonna announce that you made a mistake”

“But why sir?”

“The new land’s North , my boy”



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Foggy Murder



PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Erin Leary

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright – Erin Leary

“Detective Soliastre, welcome”

“Inspector Waswald , where is the body?”

“I take you haven’t visited the Valley of Grimarte before?”

“Does it matter?”

“No…there, we discovered her a little past 8”

“And this property belongs to?”

“A retired soldier living back in the States”

“How tall is he?”

“About 5ft”

“This murder occurred early this morning around 5.30am”

“We think so too”

“Get the soldier in for questioning. He either killed this woman or was a witness to the murder”

“But how do you know that sir?”

“Who else jogs early in the morning on a foggy day?”








“Why did you cut the statue father sent me?”

“I can’t answer you honestly dear , so i am not gonna answer at all!”

“Why?? You think i don’t have the right to know?”

“You do , but i don’t have the courage to tell it..”

“Speak the truth!”

“You father is a cruel man , he sent the statue of Lady Cintedarell , the woman i loved before they brutally killed her. The statue remainds me of her pain , her love for me and i couldn’t see her whole. I couldn’t destroy it because your father had commanded that it shouldn’t destroyed. I had no choice,  i cut it into pieces.”

“My sorry…I didn’t know that.”

“Don’t be. We are but a captive of our own sorrow.”





Running dry


PHOTO PROMPT Copyright -B. W. Beacham

PHOTO PROMPT Copyright -B. W. Beacham


“Why is the river dry?” asked my best friend when i was showing him my native-town. It had been a long time since he had visited here and i could see that he was shocked.

“Well u know..because..” i tried to hide off my now apparent sadness.

“Because what?”  he asked. Determination was adamant in his voice. I knew i couldn’t escape.

“Because of the company!”


I hesitated a little , i didn’t know how to put it.

“Yours” i said , guilt with a mixture of anger  obvious in my voice.


Do you want to build?

“Tell me if you’re game”

His voice was serious , a husky tone mixed with absolute authority. He wasn’t a large man yet his presence was noticed , almost everywhere. He had the air of finality around his movements that miraculously materialized when he spoke. Especially at me.

“Yes , i am. I wanna play it hard.” I grinned , almost in agony. I wanted to make him less serious but not so funny.

“Then you will have to be near the land at 8.30 tomorrow.” He left. Without another word. As if my presence was not noticed , my reply meaningless. He knew i would be there ,if not for the deal , at least to see him.

“These Real Estate agents are just greedy and this one’s no better.” said my friend offering her opinion when it was least wanted. I was home but my thoughts were still with him. Rippling across each other , the thought to seduce was loud. I dismissed it more faster than it occurred. I wanted the game to be his. I wanted to be madly possesed.

The next morning i was there an hour early just to meet him or see him work. He was no where to be seen.

He arrived exactly at 8.30 , not a moment early. Punctual. Displinced. But definitely Sexy.

“This way , ma’am ” he said escorting me to the farmhouse.

There was some work that was stopped , a giant machine blocking my view of the garden like area behind. He paused for a minute looked scrupulously at the work stopped , as if making a mental note of the reason or the consequences.

We took an alternative route to the farmhouse and i was all the while admiring the beauty , both of the nature and him being a part of it.


The farmhouse was large , i liked it. But even with the spectacular view of nature , the breathtaking furnitures , the air of freedom and beautiful hallway i didn’t want it. My eyes were fixed on a secluded spot at the farthest corner adjacent to the house.

There was no house just a small piece of land surrounded by smaller trees , it was so ordinary that it had the air of an extraordinary feel to it.

I was transfixed on it for a long time and then i noticed him staring at me. What i saw in his eyes was joy beyond explanation ,  a feeling beyond reach. His eyes were transfixed on me.

“I want to see that place.”  I told it in a whisper and as if nodding at me he took me there.


“What is the rate for this place?”

“This ma’am is not for sale.” I could sense a faint glimmer of hesitation in his voice.

“But , i want this and only this.”

“I am afraid that’s not negotiable.”

I looked at him. I couldn’t understand why he was taking this personal.

“I want to talk to the owner.”

“I am afraid you are.” he said as if letting out a burden.

And in that moment it was all clear to me. The synchronicity of perfection . I knew what the land meant to him. We had seen such a beautiful place that we both wanted it badly.


I paused. I could see my whole life in front of me that instant.

Tears rolled my eyes as i understood the beauty of fate.

“If you can’t sell it , share it with me.”

He smiled. A large smile that showed he had understood it all.

“I always wanted to meet the right person before i built something here and now it looks like destiny has willed it.”

I smiled. I smiled at him and the clarity of his explanation.

“Do you want to build it?” he whispered with the promise of love found.

“Tell me if you’re game.”





The Waste

You can find the details of the challenge here.



When the Bali Family wanted to shift their small house they called upon a cheap lorry to transport their items.

After a long day and about 7 trips it was done.

Silvander Singh , the lorry driver was a proud and a good man.

When the Bali Family told him that he could carry the old and the waste items with him , he was a happy man.

After all the scrap dealer was his friend.


Ten days later


Searching the Bali Family turned out to be a difficult task , they had just disappeared.

Silvander had waited for too long.

Waste had turned his luck.

He went to find a Goldsmith.


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