Here i come!


Copyright ā€“ Doug MacIlroy

Copyright ā€“ Doug MacIlroy

“Gautham , stop that! It’s scaring her!”

“Here i come , the scary Mask Master to kidnap you ”

“Daddy Daddy i am scared ”

“Here i come , here i come”


She got up suddenly , my daughter. There was no terror in her eyes , only curiosity.


“Daddy isn’t it April 17th?”

“Yes honey! ”

“Why haven’t you gone to work?”

“Because today it’s a holiday , we have to vote!”


She smiled. Her big smile coming from her small face always left a pride in me.

“Go lazy Daddy , go vote for a better ( she pronounced it bitter šŸ˜› ) India!” she nudged me and ran past.

I miss Innocence.





26 thoughts on “Here i come!

  1. I like the switch from the daughter – feels like something a kid might do – but I feel like she’d say “isn’t it Thursday?” if she’s talking abut him working. A suggestion – contractions (I’m instead of I am) would probably make the speech flow more easily.

  2. Interesting bigger picture perspective. Thank you for reminding us of something many placed take for granted…innocence and the privilege of casting ones voice.

  3. All children everywhere should grow up knowing when to vote and looking forward to it (by seeing their parents vote.) I agree with Jen that unless the story is very formal, contractions work best.


  4. My parents always voted and so do my wife and I. My daughter votes, but our son is 30 and hasn’t even registered to vote. I’m glad you are excited about it. I only wish more people in our country were.

    • Well thank you , its very important to spread awareness. In Bangalore ( where i live) the turnout ratio was 54% , i was damn hurt hearing that , we have to grow up and be responsible , i mean i understand some people don’t wanna vote but all i am asking is , go give a try! if you don’t decide , who will?

  5. Great connect there ! Only if a few more Bangalorian read your piece – we could have done much better than the abysmal percentage we clocked this time…

  6. People should vote even if they get discouraged. In so many places people are afraid or feel it’s hopeless. At least Indians are able to vote freely and have a free press. šŸ™‚ Good story.

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