The Best Invention no one has invented yet

“There  are no great inventions , just inspirations waiting to happen”. If i discover the best invention that no one has invented yet , i would be joining the league of Inventors and better still i will be a legend there. So invent!!, but wait! where is my inspiration?

Lost in our bizarre world of today , we seek to lose our imagination and our inspiration. And probably that is why there hasn’t been a best invention yet. And  since the honour is upon me now , i call upon a ancient thought that puzzled me , a thought hidden behind the palace of my mind , a lost inspiration.

The inspiration to understand the human nature , to understand oneself.

The question of who we are? why we are born ? what is the purpose of our life ? and numerous other questions that has confounded the common man and philosophers alike would be solved as easily and as soothing a feeling as there is , all by my invention.

But wait? How should i invent? How should i turn my lost inspiration to the invention that i propose it to be? Will i succeed where great men have spent years searching for the answer? Men the likes of Aristotle , Pluto , Karl MArx , Jesus , Buddha and the many more who have faded with time and memory.

I am not sure.

And thus i find another reason that stops an invention. Doubt. Self-doubt. My Doubt. And i stand here wondering if i can do it! I may or may not but i know i shall try and in trying i shall earn the satisfaction that has eluded so many others. And in trying i learn something very precious , hope.

My hope. And in trying it , in hoping that i can do it , i may find my  inspiration again.

And if my hope wins and i succeed and turn out to be the best Inventor , what should i do? Probably , publish? On my blog? or sell it to someone as we so often hear in the news , for billions? Will Google or Facebook buy it for a billion dollar and convert it to a software or an app? No matter how big the profit , i can’t do it. Because the journey to enlightenment is our own. Buddha thought that. The satisfaction is always personal.

And i am struck here , trying to invent something but all the while discovering myself!!. And that is the true invention for me. The cycle of inspiration , imagination , doubt , hope and satisfaction.

No there can’t be  a best invention because whatever you invent now is the best with respect to the time when you have invented it! And the tide of time always changes. Sometimes exponentially!

So the best invention if there is gonna be one, is always personal.
A moment lived .
A feeling cherished
A thought fulfilled.

And if we can do that , if we can understand ourselves ,we are the best inventors.

Enlightenment dawns!! but no, I am not the next Buddha.




This is a post that i had written recently for a Blogathon contest.

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