Found You!

Memories stir,

Creating colors of naked joy

On the canvas of my mind.


Precious moments dazzle 

Bright like the sun,

Your eyes in mine.


You , a lost soul 

Looking after mine

So tenderly.


Darkness descends,

Years of waiting

Lost in hope


Memories revisited

Moments relived

The hope always hungry.


And suddenly ,


My best friend ,


Deep in the recess ,

With my soul

United after soooo long.


I couldn’t resist writing 66 words in 2 short poems of 33 each. I stared at the challenge and i knew suddenly that i had to break the rule , 33 were way too less!! I have found my long lost friend , my best friend , my first friend. I had to make an exception and here it is!

Manasa , this one is for you.



35 thoughts on “Found You!

  1. Nadig….”naked joy” is such an evocative phrase…..I can feel your joy over reuniting with a dear friend spilling out and it’s full of hope.

  2. Beautiful poem, Nitin. I love ‘the canvas of my mind’.
    I’m happy you found your friend. I’m also happy to have found your writing : )

  3. This is so beautiful, both of the poems. I love that you did two of them. I wanted to call out my favorite lines, but I just like all of it.

    • It so is!! 😛 Thank you Trifecta for everything 🙂 Will miss you every day but especially on the Mondays 😦 I so wish you didn’t end 😛 I have learnt so many things that i have lost count of it! Thank you 🙂 :* Miss you :*

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