The Way

 copyright – Adam Ickes

copyright – Adam Ickes


“Tell me Gaurav , what do you see?”

“Nothing , just a darkness…..”

“Close your eyes , try concentrating it harder.”

“’s there , greenery on the sides as if the entire stretch is an infinity a place where there is so much happiness but yet so little.”

“Do you see where you are?”

“Ya i am on the way standing on a wooden plank. It’s a long unending path , i stand there and stare at the way , i am not able to move.”

“Where does it lead to?”

“There’s a house far away , am able to see it but not able to reach it , my legs are numb , i want to run but i can’t….”

“Gaurav ?”

“I have reached it. I am the way , the path to my own soul.”

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