Do Women deserve more?

From centuries the question really remains the same – Do women deserve more?  

Be it in the walks of family, relationship , career , friends , do they deserve more or atleast get what they deserve?

The times have changed , women hold important positions now but has it changed for the common women? Do they get the respect they deserve? No , women are still treated as objects , be it on the streets they walk or on the Ads that portray them as such. 

I feel they certainly deserve more , more love , care and respect. Not because they are women but because they are just like us , humans. Probably working harder constantly  to be a better someone. Better mother, better daughter or a better partner.

If you really think they deserve more all you have to do is give more. More love, care and respect. That’s all they want , fundamentally.

To every woman who has inspired me ,

To the spirit in her that cannot be corrupted or killed but only be loved and admired ,

Happy Women’s day!.

Thank you , for everything. 



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