Can we land?

Copyright – Danny Bowman

Copyright – Danny Bowman

“This is it , this is where we land” said General Captain Firston Girmich.

The view he showed looked like a spot on one of the great mountains that hosted summits for decades. They were here to beautifully put an end to everything beautiful there.

” Captain , doesn’t the site look a little dull for a landing “The Nigtangalie” ? ” asked Lieutenant Siramn.

“No i think it looks perfect! Go ahead with the procedures…

A brief Supersonic sound erupted in the Air as an F-16 roared past loaded with missiles.

“Damn it! , Wrong Planet!! ”

“What is this Earth..? ”

“Turn bac…… was the last order he was about to issue when the debris fell from the sky.


30 thoughts on “Can we land?

  1. the song that came to MY mind was “Ground Control to Major Tom”. there are places in Tenerife that film companies use for scenes just like the one who have written!

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