Moon Light




” Look at him , isn’t he lovely?”

“Yes, son. He is”

“I wonder why he stays so lonely.”

“That’s because there isn’t anyone who truly understands what he does , maybe huh?”

“Dad he just gives us light.”

“Light ,maybe. Hope? Definitely.”

“Hope of what?” 

“Of a new phase in life , that we aren’t completed every time. There’s gonna be mistakes , difficulties , betrayals. But then once in a while we are full , we are who we are , that’s hope.”

“That’s a very different perspective dad.”

“Yes , but then guess why he is really so lovely and makes us what him.”

“No idea.”

“That son is a mystery to mankind. But i feel the closest answer is that he watches our loved ones while we sleep. That way we know they are safe. I always knew he was watching your mom even before i met her.”




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