Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction

” Intruder in sight.”

The Tower was flooded with a series of distress calls. There was a unknown Raven nearby and they were worried. It was the series of threats on “The Tower” , their home for a hundred years that had fueled their frustration even  more.

Deputy Commissioner Girlly called the “The tower” to speak with the Commander in-charge.

“Sir , we are under a loss as to how to handle the situation. My agents have surrounded the area but we aren’t sure if it’s an enemy.”

“Be double sure before you proceed to arrest.”

“Yes , Sir.”

“Just e-mail me the pictures.”

“They have been e-emailed, sir.”

The Commander opened his cellphone to take a look at the picture. For what seemed an eternity he kept staring at the picture until the voice interrupted him on the phone.”


“Don’t arrest him , i am on the way. He’s here for me , i need to talk to him.”

“But Sir, it’s dangerous.”

“No it isn’t. You see that’s my Brother Thor.”

“Yes Commander Loki , as you say.”

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