The Workshop

Copyright -Claire Fuller

Copyright -Claire Fuller

” It is an abandoned workshop sir , near the outskirts of this town” said Mulew with a queer sadness in his voice.

Mr. M flinched his eyebrows , he was always attentive and now he was interested.

“Is it for sale?”

“Yes sir , but no one wants to take it. I hear it’s half the price currently running in the market.”

” Why does no one take it?” asked Mr.M with a deadly eagerness that betrayed his voice.

” No one speaks of the tragedy that befell that place. No one speaks of the bad omen there. I recently heard people tell that they hear strange voices at night.”

“Get your senses back boy , we are going for hunting , we are going for a deal” grinned Mr.M.

“But sir aren’t you afraid?”

“Oh that! Don’t believe everything they tell. I spread the ghost rumours , it’s just business.”


37 thoughts on “The Workshop

  1. Tricky business practice, but effective. πŸ™‚ In your first sentence, rather than “told Mulew” (“told” needs an object, such as “Mulew told Mr. M), you might just want “said.”


  2. Nadig,
    now there is a shrewd businessman. Anything to lower the sale price. Hopefully he won’t have any trouble getting people to work in that factory. Of course, it would serve him right if it was really haunted. πŸ™‚

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