Love , the basic need , the basic necessity for the sake of itself. The need merging it’s way into the mind held high by thought of being understood. The understanding so gallantly basic , yet necessary in a way inspiring a higher ideal. An ideal so high that it curbs understanding itself but is so plainly visible that it escapes people who want to be understood. The visibleness so hidden that spark is lost without knowing itself.

Love. Feelings reeling in. The feelings of people knowing how it felt like yet not knowing how it didn’t. Emotion lurking in the air like the smell of sweat on people , the sweat so damn necessary.

Love. The need for the body to be reciprocated with pleasure of being loved. The pleasure so openly admitted that it hides the very pleasure of feeling alive , of being felt.

Love. That intricated feeling in a tangibly different pleasure.

Love. The need to understand that it is enough to be loved.

Love , the basic need?


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