Lovely Life

Copyright – Björn Rudberg

Copyright – Björn Rudberg


“Mr.Blake have you made up your mind?” asked Arjun the local real estate consultant.

“Well , i need sometime.” answered Mr.Blake in a  manner that demanded silence and of course time.

She watched him fight his emotions , the need to see greater than the need to rest. He would turn towards her any moment now.

“Honey…” he turned towards her. His gaze pleaded for a direction , searching her peace to find his own.

” I Know you have worked hard Robert , i know you have saved money. I know it’s your dream to travel and see this world…But , look at this farm , look at the cottage, we could have a lovely life here.”

He still searched her.

She smiled. He just needed the right words.

“Well what good is beauty when you can’t enjoy it in one place.”




31 thoughts on “Lovely Life

  1. She was wise to give him space to think and then give her opinion when asked. (Least I be though sexist, I think that goes both ways.) But they might be able to have both–the peace of living in one place interspersed with occasional travel–the best of both worlds.


    • Well that is an interesting thought , expect what i had in mind was the conflict in the choice. What if he had money saved either to buy it or use it for travel but then he can still earn and travel ( which i hadn’t thought of) But thanks for pointing it to me. I only tried to influence and portray the confusion that underlines the subtlety in finding peace at one place or finding peace everywhere. I love the conflict more since i don’t know the answer for it but then perhaps there is no answer?

      • You portrayed the conflict well, I just went on from there. I like having the peace of our own place, but I think sometimes travel enhances that peace because you see how lovely home really is, yet you can enjoy the beauty and peace of other places as well.

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