The Vase

“Synchronicity be damned , arrange yourself in 5..4..3..2..1 ” shouted Papa in a loud voice.

Breaths exchanged , panic stricken hearts made a quick gesture of arrangements and Lo , they were arranged in less than a minute.

“Why does fear do the job always , why not passion ? ” wondered he with an air of disappointment. It wasn’t easy , this new job he’s been doing for a while. Well , actually six days. They called him Papa now. He felt old.

He knew he couldn’t last long. He wondered how would he fade. How would it feel? Dry ? Dead?

He had to appoint someone to take care of the job. He took a look at them , the young buds , the bloomed ones. They lay there ignorant Β of what they meant to the world around them. Of what they meant to humans.

He had often wondered in his young days , if they were just an object of beauty? A thing called “flowers” which would eventually die. A show of grandeur? Β A sense of feelings mixed with colours that looked good?

But they had heart. And no one understood that.

He had decided.

“Jesse , come here” he shouted.

Out popped a young foolish jasmine.

“How do you feel ? ” he asked.

“The same , i have always felt the same way.” he said. ” I smell nice ” he giggled.

“This Vase is our home and we have to see it clean , Listen carefully Jess , i need you to take the responsibility of making the flowers arrange themselves after i am gone.”

“What for? , i don’t wanna do anything for the humans.”

“It’s not for them we do the arranging , it’s for us. We need to be synchronised and clean , in our proper places. That keeps us fresh and makes us live a little longer. You will understand.”


“Would you do that for me , for your father.”

A small tear formed on his eyes.

” I will , synchronicity be damned.”



18 thoughts on “The Vase

  1. Great work . Your stories are always so fresh and fragrant. I.I love flowers on the plants , the place where they should be. But I learned flower arrangements and get fresh flowers for home every week

  2. From where can I get this exquisite vase ? My heart is forcing me to get it really 😦 I loved the beauty of this story. Flowers hate us…yes they definitely should, they have every reason to do it ! I loved the line “Why does fear do the job always , why not passion” . Great story !

    • Ha Ha! I sure am not selling one πŸ˜› I would love to have one too but wait , would i? I believe flowers look the best when left in their natural place πŸ™‚ Thank you for stopping by πŸ™‚

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