HaPpy NeW YEaR!! And Thank you

It’s been quite a journey. Two and half months since i have started blogging and yes, am loving it!

I was initially skeptical, afraid even. Will i make it? Will people read my work? But i believed in myself. I believe that i do have the talent to make it big someday. And i know i will.

But yes, i was astonished and overwhelmed at the love showered on me by all the bloggers who read my posts. I took my time, i savored every moment , every like , every comment. It showed me , something great, something personal. A unique sense of connection with the world.

In short , Blogging changed my life. It changed the way i see things.

These are not just words but happy feelings coming out of me.

Sometimes we are right , sometimes we are wrong. There are good times , there are those bad ones. But i feel there’s always a little something good in bad and a little bad in that good. A little wrong in right and a certain right in wrong. Well that’s life.

And i also know We choose the way we live.

So here i am just letting a word of thank you touch your hearts.

Thank you for believing in me.

Thank you for loving me.

Thank you for your faith and trust in me. 

2014 should certainly be  a better year for me. Because i am gonna make it. I am gonna work hard to be better. As i have said earlier i will ” Amplify Myself Everyway“. Atleast i will try my very best.

So that’s it!

 HaPpy NeW yEaR!!

It’s just me wishing everyone a very happy 2014.

         We might be divided by continents but we are still connected by heart.

And to that heart i would like to tell a Thank you.

This post , my 50th , first post in this year is for you readers. ( I know 😛 As if all the remaining wasn’t)

I will change it , this post , this first post of 2014 is especially for you.

              My readers , My fellow bloggers , My friends.

                                 Thank you for everything.



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