“Take me to the tower , take me! ” Bryan cried in his sleep.eiffel-tower-dmm

Sila tried to console the small child. “Let it go , baby” she whispered. “I will take you there tomorrow”.

” Mama i wanna go there now ” he cried.

“But it’s in the middle of the night “.

“I know but the website said Santa’s gonna be there by now.”

“What website baby?”

“The one i saw in dad’s tablet mom , it tracks Santa and it told Santa’s gonna be there in the tower now. He stops for ten minutes there.”


“Yes , mommy”

“He’s gonna come home then, now sleep. There’s gonna be a gift tomorrow.”

“But mommy , if he comes here he’s gonna give only one gift and that too which he wants but if i meet him there he will have his whole bag Β and i can ask whatever i want. Get up mom!!”.

Ah!! “Children nowadays” Β she thought.


16 thoughts on “Tower

  1. I’d keep him home simply because of his attitude of ‘I want it all’. If it was just to catch a possible glimpse of Santa I’d probably take him. As it is though, I’d tell him that if he can’t appreciate the one present then he is free to donate it to someone who will.

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