Merry Chirstmas


You showed me love , unconditional.

You taught me to forgive , selflessly.

And all i have done is try to follow

Even though the road seems rough and difficult.


Christ , thee represents something personal, something unique.

Of words lost in pages of times , of feelings drowned in sea vast.

I am an atheist, yet thou has captivated my heart the most.

With thy everlasting love, with thy simplicity in life.


I feel like a small child in front of thy messages.

And yet seem like a child who is yours.

I know not if thee was god or the son of god.

I only know thou thought us to see the god in us.


Of enduring the pain and loving all.

It was the struggle thee underwent that seems radiant, everlasting,

Teaching us to raise higher , to the realms of conscious.

And for that my teacher, i am grateful.


I believe there is love in us all,

And that makes us a Christian regardless.

And to that love which was born today, to that spirit I wish

    Merry Christmas.


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