Hi Trifectans!! Been quite a while. Have been a little busy this month but then here i go ๐Ÿ˜›

With this weeks prompt , enjoy!!



“Death teaches us how to live” ย thought Aries as he landed down on the hill.A stream of tears flooded his eyes, like a river just rediscovering its course to be. Being strong doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cry. And none knew this better than Aries.

Thirty years of roaming the sky , soaring like a majestic king, ย roaring past the strong winds had been his life. Proudly protecting the Astros Clan.

There wasn’t another Watcher like him , there wouldn’t be.

For he had been trained by the Legendary Gravfus , his teacher , hisย father.

It was in the battle of Cradus that Gravfus found him , a lone child orphaned by everyone who loved him. Wars were dangerous , you would lose count of everyone whom you have lost. Something must have moved in Gravfus when he saw the poor baby Eagle , for he had declared he would take the baby to his house and raise him like a son he never had. No one questioned him.

Twelve rigorous years followed where he was tested by the master , he flew in every condition possible , his eyes stretched the horizon , his penetrating gaze earned him the name ” Elesa”.

Gravfus was proud. He always was.

There was a void in him now that no one else could fill. The memories were there , just as precious as his father , his mentor.

Just as he took a moment to rest , instinct took over. A distant screech?

There was no time to grief , duty came first.

Stretching his wings he took a deep breath and soared , high.


14 thoughts on “Gravfus

    • I am so sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but don’t feel let down , he wouldn’t have wanted you to. Instead soar high again with the wonderful memories you have and always remember what he taught you and just do your duty. I am sure he is watching you from above. And i am very sure he is smiling right now and tells someone ” Well , that’s my daughter” . No one would have been more prouder.

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