My First Haiku

The shining sun dims,

Each time i miss you dearly

Brightens again at your memory.


13 thoughts on “My First Haiku

    • Even i was clueless but this form caught my imagination two weeks back. And from then i have been reading some classical japanese Haiku and some of my blogger friend’s. And after gaining confidence ( Very little :P) i decided to try my hand in it. And this is the result 🙂 Am working on two more 😛 I would be very curious how your haiku would try out to be. It’s worth the effort , would love to read yours( in case you decide to write one ) :P.
      Oh!! i almost forgot 😛
      Thank you 😀

  1. There is a huge world of english language haiku out there in the blogosphere and countless local groups meeting face to face, publications both web and print. Wikipedea has a good article with links:
    On wordpress you will find some fantastic links at
    On facebook a wonderful feedback community, (enormous) at Lots of well practiced haijun (writers of haiku) and lots of beginners also. If you ask for feedback they will give it and are mostly kind. They work to prompts each day, but you don’t have to stick to the prompts.
    Have a look around because the guidelines mostly given here on WordPress are at best out-dated (there was a lot of misinformation in the first translations of what haiku is) and at worst, wrong. (Speaking as a well-published haiku poet of 15 years experience.) It is a wonderful form, and has enormous potential. I really urge you to go find it. Enjoy.

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