Violet light : Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly Flash Fiction prompt based on the photo supplied below. If you wish to take part, the idea is to write a piece of fiction of around 100-200 words (usually called flash fiction). You can find the details here.

Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction

4:00 am

He sits in the far corner , ignored and hurt. It has been days since his friend had talked to him and for that he feels a little lonely.

There is no spark in his rather dull life until ….

….He can never forget this night. He knows it will forever be etched in his memory.

3:32 am

For days he wanted to find the meaning of life, of hope. And now he has glimpsed it. When he looked towards the window hoping for some sign that tells him that his life has got a meaning he sees one right opposite on the room.

As if by magic……..

…………there appears a violet light that glows bright enough to illuminate the room and his heart. He is transported to a different world where he meets fairies and angels and…

3:57 am

Darkness engulfs him. He knows it was real, he can still feel it.

5:45 am

Violet light again illuminates the room but this time a lot dimmer than before. It dims his hope and vanishes with his.

8:07 am

His friend and master wakes up.

He hears some blabber about “battery fail” of the special bulb ” Violent blues”. It doesn’t make sense to him.

After all he’s just a common teddybear. 😛











19 thoughts on “Violet light : Sunday Photo Fiction

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  2. Just found your page on the community post. Writing has never really been something I considered myself good at but I’m pretty intrigued by your 100 word challenges. I’ve just started blogging and I can’t wait to check out your page a bit more!

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