The vision

It was in the middle of the cold night.

There was a stunning dazzle near the basin. An angel perhaps?

My vision changed after that.

“Well , you are myopic” told the doctor politely.


17 thoughts on “The vision

  1. I don’t think they refer to it as myopic, rather myopia. But they might say “You’re myopic” or “Myopic eyes”. I hope that helps. I don’t want to sound dickish over that, it is a great idea for the prompt.

  2. Ah, the angel of myopia. I haven’t been visited by that one. I’ve been visited by the angel of presbyopia, when I hit forty. Also by the angel of whatever farsightedness is.

  3. My vision would change after something like that too. It’s the doctor who is myopic! These 33 words are a good reminder that we have to believe in ourselves, even if other doubt us. Great writing!

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