Three word Resolution

Trifecta says –

Michael Hess inspired us with his three word New Year’s resolution – just be nice.  We’re asking for your own resolutions in just three words.  Make it count; we’ll be checking back in come 2015. –

My three word resolution :

                                     Amplify myself everyway.



“Take me to the tower , take me! ” Bryan cried in his sleep.eiffel-tower-dmm

Sila tried to console the small child. “Let it go , baby” she whispered. “I will take you there tomorrow”.

” Mama i wanna go there now ” he cried.

“But it’s in the middle of the night “.

“I know but the website said Santa’s gonna be there by now.”

“What website baby?”

“The one i saw in dad’s tablet mom , it tracks Santa and it told Santa’s gonna be there in the tower now. He stops for ten minutes there.”


“Yes , mommy”

“He’s gonna come home then, now sleep. There’s gonna be a gift tomorrow.”

“But mommy , if he comes here he’s gonna give only one gift and that too which he wants but if i meet him there he will have his whole bag  and i can ask whatever i want. Get up mom!!”.

Ah!! “Children nowadays”  she thought.

Merry Chirstmas


You showed me love , unconditional.

You taught me to forgive , selflessly.

And all i have done is try to follow

Even though the road seems rough and difficult.


Christ , thee represents something personal, something unique.

Of words lost in pages of times , of feelings drowned in sea vast.

I am an atheist, yet thou has captivated my heart the most.

With thy everlasting love, with thy simplicity in life.


I feel like a small child in front of thy messages.

And yet seem like a child who is yours.

I know not if thee was god or the son of god.

I only know thou thought us to see the god in us.


Of enduring the pain and loving all.

It was the struggle thee underwent that seems radiant, everlasting,

Teaching us to raise higher , to the realms of conscious.

And for that my teacher, i am grateful.


I believe there is love in us all,

And that makes us a Christian regardless.

And to that love which was born today, to that spirit I wish

    Merry Christmas.


Hi Trifectans!! Been quite a while. Have been a little busy this month but then here i go 😛

With this weeks prompt , enjoy!!



“Death teaches us how to live”  thought Aries as he landed down on the hill.A stream of tears flooded his eyes, like a river just rediscovering its course to be. Being strong doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cry. And none knew this better than Aries.

Thirty years of roaming the sky , soaring like a majestic king,  roaring past the strong winds had been his life. Proudly protecting the Astros Clan.

There wasn’t another Watcher like him , there wouldn’t be.

For he had been trained by the Legendary Gravfus , his teacher , his father.

It was in the battle of Cradus that Gravfus found him , a lone child orphaned by everyone who loved him. Wars were dangerous , you would lose count of everyone whom you have lost. Something must have moved in Gravfus when he saw the poor baby Eagle , for he had declared he would take the baby to his house and raise him like a son he never had. No one questioned him.

Twelve rigorous years followed where he was tested by the master , he flew in every condition possible , his eyes stretched the horizon , his penetrating gaze earned him the name ” Elesa”.

Gravfus was proud. He always was.

There was a void in him now that no one else could fill. The memories were there , just as precious as his father , his mentor.

Just as he took a moment to rest , instinct took over. A distant screech?

There was no time to grief , duty came first.

Stretching his wings he took a deep breath and soared , high.



I try to look past the vagaries in life.

Breathing past the difficulties gives me a semblance of hope and a feeling of being renewed.

Yet i forget to stop , to introspect until life bring it’s difficulties.

The silver linings of my hope shattered , i strive to rise up , brightened.

But the wake up call isn’t so bitter as its counterpart ,the moments of anguish, confusion and pain.



Going through a tough phase i didn’t know what to make of this. I knew i had get some positive energy to get up and face things again and so here i am speaking to myself ( do forgive me 😛 )

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Rights : Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly Flash Fiction prompt based on the photo supplied below. If you wish to take part, the idea is to write a piece of fiction of around 100-200 words (usually called flash fiction). You can participate here.

Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction

The eyes stare at me,  accusing.

Dark eyes in a nonchalant expression yet with semblance of hope long lost.

I stand in front of it, my head hiding the apparent shame . Paying to watch it confined to a cage instead of roaming the forest like a angered beast, a rightful king.

I wonder at its helplessness , may be if it’s ancestors knew their future would be confined to a cage by the very species called “homosapiens” whom they helped evolve , they would have thought twice? Maybe thrice before they went ahead with their decision.

I try to express the feeling bursting in my head. I want to confess that even we , humans have lost our rights.

Except we are in cages bounded by stupid laws and  more stupid beliefs.

I walk back wondering how the animal would have been in India? Considering the recent law by the Supreme Court that view Gays as Criminals.

Would it apply to this hapless animal too, its only fault would be loving and staying with another male in it’s cage , harming none.


Animals have lost their rights long back. We are losing ours now.

Of course , we are just another animals.