Companion in love

Photo Credits :

Photo Credits :

Dabbling with my companion of love

I lie there

A replenished young lover


Caught in the mysteries of a path called life

I find my way back to her, always

And that sets us apart.


Seeing her again over the horizon

I forsake all doubts, all shadows.

I run, run till i am close


I am lost again seeing her smile

A lone remainder of trust found

And love renewed.


I hug her,

The embrace exchanges our strength

Photo credits : stock

Photo credits : stock

We walk back into life, hand-in-hand.


18 thoughts on “Companion in love

    • We all forget ‘that someone’ who means a lot to us. And as time corrodes us we tend to neglect but when something happens all of a sudden you realize how much you loved them and how much they mean to you. Well that’s what happened with my guy πŸ˜›

  1. Very nice! I like how you said ,” I find my way back to her always.”. Reminds me of the story of how my fiance and I ended up together. Great job! I’m a romantic and this piece was very romantic. ::Thumbs up::

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