The Treasure : Sunday Photo Fiction

The idea is to write a story – Flash fiction-of around 100-200 words based on the photo below. You can participate here.

Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction



The treasure was a collection of old artefacts that was put up on an auction in London. It was bought for an anonymous price by an even more anonymous bidder.

It was stolen somewhere near Milan seven days later.

A decade later it was found at the Gloria Church, Byculla area, Mumbai. The Father called up the local police station to tell that an anonymous man confessed of stealing.  He had told the Father that an item there, a Crown which belonged to a famous Roman King haunted his dream every day and the King had commanded it to be returned back.

When Inspector Ravi, a pot-bellied yet to be crowned local hero got a call from MI6 to his newly purchased second-hand Nokia smartphone, he knew he had stuck gold. Asked about the identity of the man he replied “He must have been an Italian, sir. Given the fact that only the crown which belonged to Italy, out of all other treasures haunted him. However I shall investigate further and send a detailed report.”

He turned back to see The Father standing behind him.

The Father, a newly arrived retired old Archbishop from Rome replied “No, the man, his accent…was definitely Indian.”



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