She was a memory

Inspired by my favorite novel  The Godfather by Mario Puzo

Note : This is just a work of fiction,  the characters mentioned are inspired by this novel and the entire credit goes to Mario Puzo.


Michael Corleone let the wind drift past his face. He took a moment to let the memory sink in. It was forty years after that fateful night and yet it seemed as if it happened yesterday. He had been right the moment when Apollonia’s face had imprinted on his mind, that she would haunt him forever till the day he died. He had never been so right. Visiting Sicily after so long gave guilt another reason to torment him.

He wandered into familiar terrain as he went looking for her grave. He had one built in her memory before he had left to America. She had been his thunderbolt and there was no other rain nor thunderbolt in his life after her. Kay, his wife had tried her best to fill the void. She had been a good wife, a faithful wife but never Apollonia. The loveliness, the beauty had died with her.

Making his way past the old graves, he let his memories guide him. It took him exactly to her grave.

Kneeling down he let a tear roll down his cheeks. It had been so long since he last cried, so long since he let himself the luxury of remembering her fully. As he opened his eyes he saw a bunch of dried flowers lying in the corner. Dust seems to have gotten to it and time had withered the flowers just as it had done so with his memory but it remained there, a lone sign of tribute to her. The flowers themselves were old but looked young together. Every petal there seemed to tear his heart out for her. He had to quickly get on his feet or he knew she would haunt him further, as if all these year’s weren’t enough.

Michael had to remember Albert Neri for he had paid his debt when he had killed Frabizzio.

” Bless him” thought the old Don as he collapsed beside her grave and went on to join her for eternity.


Word count : 333

Written for Weekly Writing Challenge: Traces and Trifecta : Week 103 


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