The Secret

“You don’t have to be an educated person to achieve greatness ” thought the soldier as he rode towards his kingdom with his capture. Not an animal , a common man but an extraordinary blacksmith. As the sun rays dawned over ,  a gleam of emotion erupted within his heart. “Was he doing the right thing?” The battle between his heart and head was more fiercer than the one between the north and the south. He had watched the blacksmith for days , admiring his skill as he hammered his iron. He worked fourteen hours per day and didn’t complain. There was no damn way he would be a spy. Either he was a genius actor or a sincere worker. Who was he to judge?

As he approached his commander a sense of accomplishment mixed with a tinge of treachery breached his heart.

“My Lord , the blacksmith” murmured the soldier kneeling.

” Say the word , Githae. He’s a damn spy” ordered the Lord Commander.

Words died before they were born. All his instinct drove him to utter the words. The words ” He’s innocent” was a distant shout. He would be charged for aiding an enemy , with two sisters and a mother to feed he wouldn’t risk that at all. Yet he prayed that fate would interweave and save this man.

The commander shouted ” Your sin is punishable by death but you will be spared if you disclose your network and the secret of your craft.

What happened next  was a sight to behold, the years of hard work of moulding the iron had moulded his own soul. It was pure, and a clean soul that took life in the same way as death.  With the serenity of a saint he replied ” My profession , sir is a blacksmith. And i have been one for thirty years now . And my secret, my Lord,  as its always been is dedication. ”

The axe stopped mid-air and never moved for days to come.

It was after all moulded by him.


Written for Trifecta: Week 102


11 thoughts on “The Secret

    • Thank you 🙂 🙂 Yes! but a lot of people are like the soldier than the blacksmith 😛 There’s a flaw in every character 😀 Well , that’s life 🙂

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