The Encounter

The night was dark and the fear that surrounded him was darker still. It was his first night outside his home. He couldn’t see properly but his tribe was given the blessing of having exceptionally sharp smell. With the confidence of a blooming adult and the innocence of a child he had decided he would venture out alone into the night. He was warned about the creatures that roamed the night yet fear was an emotion he hadn’t encountered until now. It formed a burning thirst up his throat and his adrenaline was high. Could he make it?

Just when he was near to his home he was struck with a strange sense of being seen. Was he being followed? He tried to focus and suddenly it moved. The creature must have been really big.  Panic struck his heart, he did something so foolish that it stayed him with for days to come.

“Boo”, he whispered slowly. It was still moving. Will he be killed? Oh god!

“BOOOOO!!!” he shouted. A dreadful stillness ensured. It had stopped moving.

“Leave me! Go Away! ” he shouted. The stillness was then broken with dreadful movement. “This is it” he thought. With a stoic silence he became ready to accept anything. The silence that followed next was more terrifying than any in his entire life. He wasn’t even sure if he was alive. It took all the little bravery he had found to open his tiny eyes. Wow!! He was alive.

He ran faster than ever before. He was home.

“Mama, I was nearly killed by a strange creature” said he with tears in his eyes.

She consoled him with the tenderness that was so inherent in her. “What happened, dear?” she enquired with a queer curiosity . And as he explained she gave him a large smile.

“That dear, is a cockroach. We eat it after its dead” she explained.

Eat? He wondered.  “Strange are the ways of nature” thought the little ant.


Written for Trifecta : Week 101

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