Super Seven

Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?

Wow! Everyone of us have a lucky number and mine just happens to be seven. I have often wondered why and the answer always has eluded me. My favourite football player wears 7. Yes! its a brand now. CR7 ( Cristiano Ronaldo) . And now to actually describe the seven words gives me a feeling of sevenish nostalgia.

  •  Love – We wouldn’t have born without love , could we? Everyone is  born with the feeling of wanting to be loved. And that is what makes us what we are. No person would understand another if love hadn’t touched them in some way. (Am i in love?)
  • Care- I often wonder is care a synonym for love? If you have wondered the same thing there you go. I loved to be cared. And i care if i am being loved or not. (Simple right ? )
  • True – Hang on! Am not talking boolean logic. Being true to myself and to the people who love and believe in me is so crucial that i can sum up what i am. I am always true.
  • Believe – I believe in myself.  I believe in living life by the some ideals. Ideals you set for yourself and stay by them.
  • Awesome – I spontaneously appreciate something creative by this word. (Oh! Creative)
  • Creative – No word excites me as this one. I love to be creative. Just as i love all forms of awesome creativity. (Awesome!!)
  • Thank you.

19 thoughts on “Super Seven

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