The Man Who Always Smiled Specialy At Her

‘Smile’  that wonderful feeling that tells you someone has just opened up their hearts and their happiness to you.  A genuine smile seems so rare these days. Yet it lurks in the face of a man who walks past “The Lane”.  And it is meant specially for someone. As he walks sometimes and rushes some other times to reach the bus stop, his eyes never fails to go to the corner of an old house where she sits. Even in the hurry of a hurricane his eyes glances to the place almost involuntarily, She is there sometimes. She isn’t most of the times. But yet a single hope drives him to hope she will be there that day and  that she would at least receive his smile the way she always does. She never acknowledges his smile and never once returns back. Yet i know it gives great pleasure for him to smile at her as he passes.  It’s an innocent smile, one you would love to get. He was so used to see her some day or the other that when she didn’t turn up for a long time it started worrying him. Is she ill? That’s the question that kept bothering him for age had taken its toll on her. She must have been a beauty in her youth for she still has the grace and charm in her. Life didn’t seem fair to her i think, she lived alone at that age. And almost everyday as is her routine she would sit in front of her house staring at all the people who passed by.  But she would sit there at different time of the day. He just hoped that she would be there when he passed. He wasn’t even sure if she saw him or all of them properly,  the spectacles on her eyes were unusually thick.

It was the in the rise of winter when it happened. The evening was dark and he was returning from someplace. As he saw her from a distance he noticed that there was a ribbon on her hand and she was holding it with great difficulty. Cold sometimes seems so cold on old people. Her hands were shivering and suddenly as the breeze touched her hand she let go of the ribbon. He knew she couldn’t get up to go after it. The breeze lightened and ribbon stopped moving a feet away from her. She looked at it with a loving look, as that of a woman who would look at her child. He then knew that the ribbon was special to her. He ran to get hold of the ribbon and just when it started moving again he caught it. Walking back he gave the ribbon to her. She smiled at him before he did. The elation he felt surpassed the joy that appeared on his face. He returned the smile to her. She didn’t say anything but he knew that his smile meant a lot to her everyday. He knew then that the simple things in life means the most to lot of people. She had acknowledged all his smile with just one smile that day. He also knew that he would keep smiling at her as long as passed “The Lane” or as long as she sat there. Deep down in his heart he also knew that she would return his smile back whenever he smiled at her. He must have stood there for a long time for when he turned back to smile, she wasn’t there.

The man was me.


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