The Lane

It was right there. The lane i walked past daily. And the one i so longed to see . It wasn’t exactly a posh lane filled with fancy cars and fancier houses. Quite the contrast, it was one of the thousand’s of lane in India. That went through a place called “slum”. Yes, you got me right.  It was my morning ordeal.  One i didn’t quite often miss.  I was quite accidentally introduced to this lane. A wrong turn and boom! i was walking through it.  What attracted me was the ugliness.  The dirt lying in the road reminded me of the problems the people face in their life. Be it the woman who washed clothes on the road with a soap that was close to its death or another man trying to start his scooter daily and then giving up and walking to whatever place he had to go. Or the woman trying to boil water by burning wood that sometimes refused to burn due to the cold. Yet she never did give up.  Or the old man who tries to make garlands everyday from flowers long brought in the morning and watered to keep the flowers and his own hope fresh. And the ten’s of children who get ready to go to school everyday not knowing the difficulties of life ahead yet burn with desire to learn something new. The houses  there are small and the windows and doors smaller still. Yet with all the misery and the problems engulfing them, there was that joy in their faces.  The happiness and a profound satisfaction of having done something in their life.  Maybe they didn’t dream big but i know they had worked hard to be there and being there with 2 square meals a day and proper sleep they lived their life. The satisfaction of feeding the dogs when they themselves were not filled teaches me the highest virtue in life. I know not if 10 years from now on, if the lane would turn into a  road or the houses demolished and apartments built.  I just know deep in the recess of my memory lane this lane will leave a mark.


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