Every one of us is different. We see the world in our own way and that is the sole reason that makes us unique. When the question of happiness arises each perceives the idea of happiness in a different way.

For me happiness is found in those small moments when i help someone.  It feels like i am born for a higher purpose than to simply exist. The mundane aspects of life traps our soul and we continue to believe we are here just for ourselves. But the truth is far from real.

Happiness for me is listening to my love, to see her smile again, to make her laugh for the silliest of jokes, to care for her in every small way possible, to be just there.

Happiness for me is being able to listen to a friend,  to be able to understand what’s happening to them and try to help them in even the smallest of way possible.

Happiness for me is being a good and a faithful person to everyone i meet.

Happiness is reading good books, fabulous novels , awesome blog posts.

Happiness is reading a heart-touching poem and quotes of small wisdom.

Happiness is following your favorite TV show and waiting in anxiousness to know what happened to your favorite character in the next episode and in the episode after that.

Happiness is watching movies for which you have waited for years and still wait anxiously for the next sequel.

Happiness is re-watching an old movie and smiling at the next dialogue or the next scene that you know happens but can’t change in any way.

Happiness is fighting for small things and getting back to the person again to apologize and tell them how much they mean to you than your own ego.

Happiness is creativity. In being able to do anything creative. Be it reading, writing, studying, listening and drawing.

Happiness is drawing sketches in the back of your book, drawing designs in the back of your friends book.

Happiness is in watching photographs and marvelling at the moment it was taken and the editing , patience and skill that has gone behind in making it what it is.

Happiness is being able to recognize sadness and the reason behind it and moving past them by trying to bring a smile in someone’s face.

As i think about all these it is a feeling of nostalgic and satisfaction to know that there are so many things that makes me happy and many things that doesn’t make me happy but makes someone else happy.

Also happiness for me is in writing. As i write this blog post , i know i am happy.

Happy to write and happy to share my happiness.

This post is inspired by Coca-Cola and their celebration of International day of happiness.


Some people make you feel special for a while but it takes true effort to make you feel special for a lifetime.

My most memorable day was just yesterday. Oh! Not because it was just my birthday but because it felt like it was a special day. I have always believed in birthdays being just another day but the love of life changed the way i felt. It’s been a joyous three years so three days where i have really felt i was special. The rest of the days in the year is where you just know you are special.

It all started with her wishing me on the phone exactly at 12.00. Followed by few friends and my sister who woke up just to wish me.  Dad and mom wished me in the morning. Numerous people texted both personally and on facebook.

The most memorable time was yet to come. Yesterday she baked a cake for me. I don’t know the time it takes to bake a cake and arrange the toppings but it means a lot to me when someone makes something for me by themselves. Of course she knows that.  But when you put that extra effort to do something by yourself, you are infact assuring them that you are ready to invest time, dedication , feelings and love towards us. And that’s what counts in a relationship. It doesn’t matter how the things they make turn out to be. By the way the cake was delicious. But i feel what matters is the effort they put in making it.

It was so fabulous. She and my friends made me cut it. Their “happy birthday” song was so loud the entire restaurant sang it for a while. Yes, unknown random people. It touches your heart, doesn’t it.

After that we ordered some excellent Chinese food. The manchow soup was fabulous and the appetizers just brilliant. Out came the noodles, fried rice and the canton rice deliciously made. We had a great time.

After being full we decided to go have some ice cream. Of Course “Corner House” was a first choice. We enjoyed some delicious ice creams. All the while we gossiped, we joked, we laughed. And that’s the power of being together. To set aside our differences, to forgo whatever we may feel about each other and just have a nice time.

Me and my girlfriend then went to spend some time together. I just wanted to spend a few minutes with her. We smiled , we just had a good time. I reminded her i would always love her and thanked her for her efforts and for making it my day. She gifted me a wonderful wall Clock too. It hangs in my room reminding me of her.

It is said the power of being together heals even the gravest of wounds.

Oh! i almost forgot , i helped a random stranger, an old person by dropping him for which he thanked me profusely. And i just nodded in agreement. Isn’t it a gift of life to help people in need?

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Peace and change

Sometimes a bold step is a much needed step.

Life isn’t as easy as it seems.  You expect and then you get hurt. You love and then you get hurt again. Basically for some people it’s just pain. Life’s designed to test you at every turn; you need to make sure you keep your emotions in check and your dreams at hold.

There came a storm in my life that left me lonely and made me question the very reason of existence.  There was no particular reason for the time and hence no reasonable solution.  It was as if darkness had just swept in my soul and no matter what I did the darkness just grew darker and stronger.

After a month of dilemma and silence I knew I had to do something. I would just see the bad in people. I would just find fault in every action, I would just find irritation in every word of concern, I wasn’t myself. This is when I knew I had to stop it.

I just didn’t know how.

One fine sunny day I was returning from having breakfast when I felt a calling. For a moment I could swear it was the mountain speaking.  I left the course I was taking and just went to the top of the mountain. The wind hit my face hard and at the same time I could feel it soothing my heart. For the first time in a long time I was at peace.


How it eludes us.


How it plays with our hearts.

The next day I did the same thing. The next day I did the same thing too.

It was after a while I wrote my first poem and it went like this.

The nature

Is all for your self

To venture out

With your inner self


All I do is just to stare

To have the beauty in my heart bare

Whoever told staring was hopeless

Against beauty matchless


The glorious sun did shine

It’s penetrating gaze all mine

And the silent moon did speak

With me and the peak


The peak like a stone

Stood all alone

Ripped up, by us all

In its own solitary hall


As I march to join it

I know my life’s lit

To find a peace so profound

Its every meaning escapes sound


Solitude at night

Shines so bright

It takes me to a distant land

To give me a friend’s hand.


The fair breeze blew

My boundless joy flew

I cried out in sheer delight

As I took the timeless flight


I landed by the stream

To see white silvery cream

Joy flowed there like a treasure

Its meaning never measured


There I met a maiden fair

Beauty flowed in her every hair

In her eyes, I saw an enigmatic pool.

Where fire burnt cool


Each day our friendship grew

Alas! Its meaning understood to few

Her every sight moved me

Nevertheless I thank thee


The maiden was my heart, my very own

Bound with joy in my gown

Your hearts your greatest gift

In joy and sorrow you together drift


Solitude benevolently did shower

Joys of immortal flower

This large entire creation

Is beauty’s perfect manifestation.


And this is how nature healed me. Maybe if you are struggling with something, maybe if things aren’t right its time you connect to nature, its time you connect with yourself.


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Look Up

There are some moments that’s forever etched into your heart.

I remember my moment when i looked up to an unbroken spirit. A stranger. Of all the thousands strangers you meet, it is a few who touch your heart and fewer still who change your perception of life. And i am lucky to have met one.

Even though it was years back, it appears to have been just yesterday. It was in one of the medical camp. I remember the moment i met him. He rode his bicycle in an odd way and when i tried to make sense why, he fell down. Me and my friends  immediately rushed to his aid and that’s when i saw something dangling near his feet. Imagine my shock when i found out that it was indeed his feet!!

It hung there like fate clinging to a man whose heart it couldn’t touch.

He smiled at me as if he was reading my thoughts. After I made him drink water, he withdrew his leg carefully and kept it there as if it was an object. I looked into his eyes and realised the effort and the pain that consumed him to do that. He smiled again. It was a smile that taught me there’s courage in the soul that can conquer the pain in our lives. I couldn’t stand there for a second more. I could see he had an effect on my friends too but not as much as he had affected me. I just got up without another word and went away.

It took me a while to regain my senses. And after i brought him food. He started eating. I have never seen a man enjoy his meal as much as he did. The first morsel of rice that he ate gave him such joy that I doubted if pain could ever bother him again. After a few minutes he started talking to us all.

He told us it was an accident a few years back. He was riding the same bicycle when a young drunk man in a scooter hit him.The doctors insisted on amputating his leg but he refused.

Even when his family insisted he didn’t budge. The police had caught the man who had done that to him and he was being brought to the local Panchayat. This man who was forbidden to walk for a few months escaped his own house and travelled all the way to the Panchayat and told them to free this man. When the Elders insisted on knowing the reason he told us his words were “I do not want to ruin a young man’s life for the sake of a ruined leg”.

How could he have found the strength to forgive when he had nearly lost his leg? I asked him what happened to the young man and he told me they released him a day later and the man came and fell to his feet and asked to be forgiven. He told me his words were “I never thought you did anything. How can I forgive you for something you have never done?” The young man then promised him that he would never drink again.

He had a changed a man’s life. He had the power to seek revenge and yet he choose to forgive.

I didn’t till that moment believed such people existed. It was something that changed my perception. It was my moment of looking up to goodness, strength , optimism , hope and courage.

After talking to us for some more time he left. It was struggle for him to ride his bicycle but he never choose to give in to pain. Seeing him peddle sent shivers into my spine as I realised from how long he must have been doing that. I realised I had never asked his name or the village he was from. He would still be safe as a precious memory and his words would still echo in the ranches of my soul.

I saw him one last time vanishing into the recess of time and as I took a last look at his broken leg, I realised that no fate or destiny could ever break his spirit or his heart.

Thank you Housing.com for this wonderful oppornunity to share my story. Do check this site out!



The human side of technology : Asus Indiblogger meet

The prime focus of any technology is to connect people.

And that is exactly what happened in the Asus IndiBlogger meet held at ITC Gardenia , Bangalore.

This was my first Indi meet and the experience was extraordinary. After the initial registration we were welcomed with hardrock band of the Indiblogger team. Music is always a nice way to start. After this we had a couple of games where we had to go and meet people.

Every single blogger out there was friendly and welcoming! Though i was initially reluctant i met some amazing people and was carried away talking to them.

I met a couple of people whose blogs i follow and whose words are always special to me. Thanks IndiBlogger!

Coming to Asus products – (They are doing a wonderful job with smartphones as well)

I liked the Sleek and Powerful ASUS EeeBook X205TA better. It seemed like a perfect product, lightweight, good quality,good battery life and with an decent price tag of 15k.

The ASUS All In One PC ET2040 was fun. I was mesmerized with the gesture software and spent most of the little time i had playing with gestures.

After this the team activity was fun. Again met some awesome people.

This was followed by dinner!!! The food was decent and i was busy asking my foodie blogger friend’s opinions.

All in all, a perfect evening. Looking forward for more IndiBlogger meets! Join us next time!.

Pimple’s POV

Even the most boring existence is something, an existence after all.

I stare all day, covered in my cocoon of whiteness. I stare at the scorn people give me, I stare at the admiration that teens grace me and yet nothing affects me because this existence is small and painful and no one wishes to want me.

I wasn’t given a choice to be born. I didn’t want this. I am not just called with names, I am insulted with them.  Pimple? Oh! You can do better than that. Acne? Sounds cool but dangerous. Racism doesn’t leave us alone. My beautiful cousin twins are called whiteheads and blackheads. Please they didn’t want that. And cysts? Sounds like a Greek Villain.

I will stop complaining about names. As a great human said, “What’s in a name?” Yes, I was there that day when he made the famous quote.You see I have been here a long time. And I have seen it all. I have seen the strength and weakness humans possess. I have seen the problems they have faced and the moments the solutions were found.

But it saddens my heart to tell that I have given them problems too.  Foremost among them is irritation. Maybe that is why they dread me to the core. Because I appear suddenly on their beautiful face overnight and refuse to do anything but grow. You see I can’t control my growth, can you? I hide behind men’s beard and cause them to itch involuntarily, even in the most important of meetings. I cause them to bleed when they try to shave and leave behind a small mark that embarrasses their manhood and questions their ability to shave.

There’s an unnecessary mix of complication towards how woman feel towards me. I do know that women are complicated so it sort of soothes my excitement.  I am despised by some woman for ruining their beauty but I am also wanted by some woman, because they feel some guy has a crush on them and they show me off with pride and admiration. And then when I grow and spread they hate me more fiercely than they loved me and what more? They make their friends to hate me too.

The only person who loves me is dust. But this friend further complicates my relationship with humans. At this moment I feel compelled to mention a lad who washed his face fifty times a day in the hope of removing dust and in the process kill me.

There’s no pattern of problems I present. There’s no labyrinth of solutions that I can offer. But times change.

It’s with my heartfelt pleasure I announce the release of a solution, one I wasn’t aware till a few months back. You see, people have tried numerous solutions to get rid of me with unsatisfactory  results. Most of them were painful and some I didn’t feel a thing. But an innovation changed it all.

I vividly remember that day. Little did I know I would enjoy it so much, that it would be so soothing and I could just fade away easily! It was Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash that liberated me.

And I live in the hope that it will continue to do so.

This post is a part of IndiBlogger Garnier Pure Active Neem contest and the link to Garnier website can be found at No pimples No marks and Neem face wash.